DrupalCon Szeged - Day Three

Day three! Blowing stuff up at the Acquia beta testing session, Goulash, belly dancers and yet more drinks!

DrupalCon Szeged - Day Two

A quick overview of what I did, didn't do, should have done and so on, for the Thursday of the Con.

DrupalCon Szeged - Day One

What's been happening so far in Szeged? Loads of Drupal geeks in one place is cool for those in the know, inane babbling for those who don't.

Quick theme tip: abusing Drupal's $mission variable

A quick tip to gain an extra, easily administered variable in Drupal themes.

Three tips for comment theming in Drupal

A few snippets of theme code to whip your Drupal comments into shape. Make them more SEO'd, readable and how you want them.

Theming the $links variable in Drupal nodes

If you're fed up of boring $links in your Drupal nodes and want to add images, change text, etc, then read on.

Creating custom error pages in Drupal

A comparison of available methods of handling error pages (specifically 404, 403) in Drupal, with some useful code snippets on how to handle these in a friendly, efficient manner.

Adding website section images in Drupal themes

Adding section images to page templates in Drupal themes, based on path alias or menu entry. Lots of code here.

Millions of tiny blue aliens unleashed - Drupal 6 ALIVE!

The latest release of the Drupal content management framework is finally here. The community has made sure it's making the impact we all hoped it would!

How to make unwanted Drupal CSS disappear!

Drupal themer? Can't override that pesky CSS class? Let's fix that right up.


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