Drupal SEO - the CMS gets vote of SEOBook Guru

I’ve known for a long time that Drupal is great for SEO. Earlier this week I was quite surprised to read a post from SEOBook’s Aaron Wall reckoning that Drupal is part of the “wave of the future,” however.

Aaron says: I think I am pretty good at predicting web trends, and 2 or 3 years from now Drupal will be about as popular and well known as Wordpress and Wikipedia are today.

This is a pretty bold statement, but he’s following along with what I’ve been saying all year, so I’m quite happy to hear someone with such a strong reputation as Aaron recommending the project, especially as I am a keen follower of the “Drupal is great for SEO” movement.

Drupal has a lot to offer the world of web applications, so this is another victory for its champions. Read more about Drupal for SEO and our involvement with it.

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