Drupalcon Barcelona 2007!

Ok, so for whatever reason I’m now sat in a very large room full of people munching salami sandwiches whilst tapping away on laptops.

Kineta Systems is in Barcelona for the 2007 Drupal Conference! It’s hot and sunny, too… which is nice.

There’s a whole host of people talking about myriad things over today and the next three days, in between meeting and greeting and eating and drinking. Plenty to see and do whilst here, and I have the pleasure of being no more than a two minute walk from the ridiculously impressive Sagrada Familia cathedral. Can’t say fairer than that!

Anyway, when anything of note happens, it will end up as blog post here. As a note to others, bars are open very late around here, but not everything else is. Trying to find a grocery store after midnight proved fruitless, but apparently a three-cheese pizza is not so much of a problem!

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