DrupalCon Szeged - Day Three

Day three already… time flies. Today starts off with a theming talk by my roomie MortenDK – who has apparently recently promoted himself to “King of everything”, which is very humble of him, I’m sure. The Dane managed to cuss his way through ninety minutes of ‘Sex, Drupal & Rock n Roll’ with ease, despite the horrific amounts of heckling from yours truly and Si (LyricNZ).

Next up, I watched William Lawrence with his overview of accessibility in Drupal theming. Some good points here, and answers to questions about screen readers, browser extensions and such. All good!

With it being Friday, we took this opportunity to have a long lunch and went out for Goulash soup, which was grand.

Post luncheon, I attended the Acquia beta test kitchen, where I proceeded to break pretty much everything. I am assured that this is providing them with “useful information”, but I worry that there may have been some fairly colourful language used in reference to certain parts of that session…!

Then followed a quick BoF in the form of a chat about taxonomy and menus, hosted by pwolanin and catch, which proved to be quite useful – lots of stuff about the new hierarchical select module by WimLeers and other titbits like taxonomy_context.module and some potential uses.

The evening takes us to the Taj Mahal indian restaurant, where the service was appalling, but the belly dances were frequent. I hear some people enjoyed that rather more than the meal…

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