DrupalCon Szeged - Day Two

Thursday, Day two. I didn’t do much today in terms of sessions, but I’d spoken to Kieran Lal of Acquia the day before regarding a voluntary interview… more on that in a tick.

I hear that the testing party went well in the morning, the pancakes weren’t fictitious and lots of people turned up!

Just after lunch, we had the Drupal.org redesign session. Mark Boulton [Design] acknowledges that this particular redesign is potentially the hardest thing he’s ever done, with over 200,000 clients involved in the project – I hope he realises how damn picky we all are!! MortenDK, myself and no doubt several others have put our names down to help out with whatever aspects of the theming that we can.

Next, for me, followed an interview with Leisa, who is the usability expert assigned to interview lots of Drupal.org users prior to the redesign process. I surprised myself with how little I could remember about the various aspects of the front page and most other sections of the site. I genuinely hope that these interviews are going to be useful – I strongly suspect that they will be, as I hear that lots of things were being mentioned repeatedly.

Later that night, we had the welcoming party. You can keep the wine spritzers, thanks – I’ll have a beer. A good time was had by all, after we worked out how to actually get beer. Some pretty good photos from the party can be seen on my Flickr account, in the set tagged DrupalConSzeged2008, with the title DrupalCon Szeged Welcome Party

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