ICANN halts domain tasting - domain buyers rejoice!

Only recently, I posted an article warning of the practise of domain tasting. Today, I’m happy to report that due to the large amount of news that this particular registrar’s activities generated on the internet, this is now coming to a close.

ICANN is the organisation that looks after all the rules and regulations concerning domain names and the practises surrounding them. They met recently and unanimously voted to end the practise of domain tasting.

This means that pretty soon, you’ll be able to search for domain names on any registrar’s site without fear of having your new domain names “stolen”. Good news for business owners. When is this likely to happen? Expect changes as early as next month!

There’s an article covering this in more detail over at DotSauce, although it has more emphasis on domaining as a business in itself, rather than ownership for individual businesses.

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