Leonard Cheshire Disability & Aardman bring new angle to accessibility issues

BBC News today announced that Aardman Animation (home of animation stars Wallace & Gromit) are releasing a new series of adverts hoping to change the way people view disability.

The Creature Discomforts adverts are based on the popular Creature Comforts series. The characters, who include a dog in a wheelchair, will appear from next week.

[They] feature in four animations, with each of the short films ending with the message: “Change the way you see disability.”

As long-time advocates of accessibility on the internet, I hope that this campaign is not absorbed by the masses as an over-simplified message.

The problems faced by people with disabilities on the high street are equally pertinent to those who have issues using computer hardware such as keyboards, mice and monitors.

Making websites accessible can overcome a lot of these problems; this is not only an ethical decision, but also a sound business move. Contact us now to learn more, or read more on accessible web sites and their business advantages.

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