Shoppers waking up to web marketing tactics

Web shoppers are now much more clued up to how marketing is impacting them on the web, according to CMSWire.

A large multinational found that every time it added a “hero shot” – that perfect, smiling face-to a Web page, the number of customers who left the page immediately after arriving shot up. Once the hero shot was removed customers stayed on the page much longer.

Puzzled, the multinational started doing some usability testing. A typical response from a customer was: “When I see a picture like that I just think marketing. I’m at the website to solve a problem. I don’t have time for this stuff.”

This boils down to the fact that a lot of consumers are shopping for specific items, which means they are hunting for best prices, along with things like guarantees and good deals on shipping, etc.

It follows then that a solidly designed commerce site, which is simple to navigate, buy from and (in equal measure) manage is still the key to successfully selling on the net.

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