Web technology advances harmful to business?

Use of so-called “Web 2.0” web development techniques by businesses could be foolhardy, according to usability guru Jakob Nielsen.

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen warns against believing all the Web 2.0 hype when designing with the end-user in mind. While some 2.0 features can help, the majority of sites should focus on mastering the 1.0 aspects that users know and love.

The problem, as Nielsen sees it, is that companies follow too much what the hot trends are, and as a result create sites that are unnecessarily complicated or offer little benefit to the average user. Source: WebProNews

This is something I’ve long expected to happen – a backlash against web sites that essentially require technologies that exclude certain users almost by default.

Over here, we’re just finishing up getting our new site into Drupal. New features will be incorporated for sure, but nothing that will exclude anyone from using our site. You can read more about our accessible web development services.

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