Who's got time to Juggle Frogs...?

So I’ve just finished watching Working Lunch on BBC2, which featured a new directory-style start up called JuggleFrogs.co.uk. This site holds a directory of listings for tradespeople around the country, with premium listings and affiliate programmes as their revenue streams, alongside the ubiquitous adsense.

Now I went to visit this site straight away, as I do when I watch this programme and they reference a site, but I was dismayed to find I could not connect. The site was down; presumably the web server collapsed under heavy load.

I suspect that these guys have just learned a valuable lesson; if you’re expecting media coverage, you’ve got to have the resources to deal with it.

They also claimed to have done lots of SEO, although my attempts to search for them pointed me to their Terms of Use page, and their About page. I would have expected a dynamic site such as this to rank first and foremost for their home page. Perhaps they’ll give me a call…?